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Last updated: 2/04/05

The purpose of this project is to create a computer tutorial program that shows and explains structure of atoms and describes how bonds between atoms occur, as well as provides capabilities to access information about chemical elements such as atomic weight, number of electrons etc. via an interactive periodic table. BTutor is intended for use mainly by students to help visualize and better understand basic processes that occur on atomic level. It may also be used by teachers to support their lessons with visual presentations. The program is copyrighted with GNU General Public Licence, it is an open-source freeware.

Right now, you can also download the Interactive Periodic Table, which only has the periodic table with data in it. (Go to Downloads -> click on the link and choose the Interactive Periodic Table package)

8/22/04: BTutor v0.0.9a is available for download. This version is only a complete GUI, there are still no tutorials. However, the periodic table is complete now. The data file (which the periodic table uses as a database) contains data only up to Radon (no. 86), but I will soon release an update of it. Please report bugs and especially data errors to this email: I tried to keep data as accurate as possible, but I will have to check several sources to see if it is reliable.
7/16/04: Test release (0.0.7) is available for download. There are no tutorials yet, GUI is not complete, and the periodic table does not have much data in it. So, it's just a sneak preview of the GUI. Either source or precompiled win32 binary is available.
Copyright © 2004, Sergey Novikov